Meet Tabla - Cap Table Management For The Blockchain Era

Meet Tabla - Cap Table Management For The Blockchain Era

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - July 27, 2022) - Ambisafe, a blockchain software company that was founded by Andrii Zamovsky in 2015, announces the launch of a new product, Tabla.

Tabla is a capitalization table management software for companies and funds, which is built on blockchain. It allows different organizations to issue tokenized shares and sell them through multiple crypto exchanges. This way, businesses can launch private and public sales, raise funds, track their capital structure and boost asset liquidity.

Tokenized shares are a digital representation of traditional shares. With the help of blockchain technology, stocks are issued in digital form and become much easier to sell and transfer.

"Companies all over the world choose stock tokenization these days, and I'm sure this trend will get even more massive in the future. Tokenized shares are a perfect solution for all parties as they allow for easy fundraising and help retail investors get a hold of pricey shares," - Andrii Zamovsky, Founder & CEO of Ambisafe and Tabla.

Tokenized stock is a powerful tool both for companies and investors since it enables greater security, speed, diversification and full automation.

Companies can already benefit from all the Tabla features mentioned above and get a free consultation on the official website.